Gutter Covers – Do I Need Them?


Gutter Covers – Do I Need Them

Cleaning your gutters out is one of the most unpleasant yardwork jobs you can imagine. Avoiding this is a top priority to many, especially if there are one or more large trees around your home!

Gutter Covers can help with the issue of frequent gutter cleaning because they keep debris from getting into the gutter itself. But, who are they really meant for? Installing gutter covers isn’t necessary for every home, although it can be useful for many people. Are you one of those people or not?

If you live in a wide open area or an area without a lot of rainfall than there is little need for you to invest in gutter covers for your home. The main obstacles for clean and efficient gutters are leaves from trees or bushes, bird’s nests and other animal nests, and clumped up dirt.

Many open areas are not exposed to a lot of these gutter clogging elements, and areas with low rainfall may not push all of this stuff into the gutters in the first place.

However, anyone living in a yard with trees close to the home (within 30 – 50 feet), frequent bird nest situations in your gutters, other critters living on or around your home that might climb in the gutters, or a higher than average amount of dirt or dust than gutter covers might be a good idea for you. These covers can help to keep your main home gutters clear and functional by blocking the debris and animals from entering while allowing water to flow freely through.

Benefits of Gutter Covers

Below are listed the main benefits of installing gutter covers. There are a few different types of gutter covers to consider, and each one has its own merits and uses. This list of benefits covers the general use of gutter covers as a whole, not one specific type or another.

  • Keep large leaves and debris out of your gutters
  • Less frequent need to clean out your gutters
  • Easier gutter cleaning when necessary
  • Able to be added to your existing home, no new gutters necessary
  • Avoid some early issues with gutter damage

Disadvantages of Using Gutter Covers

Nothing is without its flaws. Gutter covers do have some disadvantages, most of which are summed up here:

  • Can block heavy water flow
  • Some types are expensive to buy and install
  • Small seeds and dirt can still get into the gutters in most cases


It’s not every home that needs to install gutter covers around the edges of the roof. Mainly any home dealing with frequent seasonal or year-round clogged gutters. Gutters that are clogged too often can become damaged over time as water builds up and causes rust and damage more quickly than it should.

Likewise, if you want to avoid cleaning out gutters on your own than gutter covers also make sense for you. There is still some small maintenance required to clean the covers, but it’s far easier than cleaning actual gutters and will save you the cost of more frequent professional calls for cleaning your gutters.

Overall, it can be a good investment for people dealing with the right issues and the savings on professional gutter cleaning (not to mention time spent by home-owners cleaning gutters) can be paid back within a few short years.